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About Us

schudi-familyThe Schudi Organ Company, located just outside of Dallas, Texas, specializes in all facets of pipe organ work including the building of original tracker and electric control instruments as well as the repair and maintenance of both its own organs and those of other builders.

The history of the Schudi Organ Company would be incomplete without a mention of the heritage that goes back hundreds of years. The image on this page dates back to 1742 when Marcus Tuscher put the Shudi Family on canvas, showing the Swiss-born harpsichord maker, Burkat Shudi (1702-1773) with his family. Burkat was among those who modified the family name, having been born with the Tschudi name. Some 380 instruments were made by Burkat, including those for Georg Friederich Handel, who became a close personal friend of the family. From that day to this, through the generations and through corruptions of the name, the linage is traced to Marvin Judy who honors one of the older forms of the family name by placing it on the instruments built today.

The Schudi family (also Judy, Judah, Tschudy, Tschudin and Tschudi) family of America and Switzerland can trace roots to the year 870 A.D. with the birth of a slave, Johann I who would, on May 31, 906, be elevated by King Ludwig III from serfdom to a freeman and to the ranks of nobility and appointed Amman (Chief Administrator) of Canton Glarus, Switzerland. The family name of Schudi first appears in the year 1100.